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• Drop-off times are 8:00 am for dogs and 8:15 am for cats. Please respect the assigned drop-off times as we do a very high volume of animals and have the times set up to keep everything running as efficiently as possible.

• Pets may have 1/4 of the amount of their usual breakfast on the day of surgery. For all pediatric animals, six months and younger, you may feed them 1/2 of their usual meal. Pets must be kept indoors or confined the night before surgery to ensure a larger amount of food is not consumed. All pets can have water up until the time of surgery.

• All cats must be in separate carriers. All dogs must be on a leash. 

• Feral cats must be in live traps. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

• Pick-up times are 4:30 the same day for dogs and 7:30 the next morning for cats (except Fridays when cats go home the same day at 5:00 pm). Again, please respect these times as we need to allow plenty of time for your pet to recover after surgery. If you are going to be late, please call to let us know.

What to expect

• When you arrive at the clinic, please leave your pet in the car while you check in. Our lobby area is very small and you have to fill out an admission form first. Click here to download and print the form. Doing so will save you time during check-in.

• You must bring the completed form to the front desk to check in with our staff. They will then check your form and collect any additional fees if you choose to add extra services. The staff will let you know when it is ok to bring in your pet.

• Drop-off can take 5-15 minutes depending on how many animals we have to check in. Please plan accordingly.

• If you are going to be late for check-in, please call to let us know or you may also reschedule your appointment.

Additional fees

• Hernia repair $15

• Cryptorchid (undescended testicle) $25 per testicle 

• E-collar $5 (for pets that start licking at the incision site while at the clinic or pets with swelling or elongated incisions).

• Antibiotics $15.  These may be prescribed by our vets if any sign of infection is found during surgery or if the pet has a pre-existing wound that needs to be treated.


No running, jumping, playing, or other strenuous activity for 10-14 days.  Keep your pet quiet.  Pets must be kept indoors where they can stay clean, dry and warm.  No baths or swimming during the recovery period.  Dogs must be walked on a leash and cats kept indoors.

• Check the incision site twice daily.  There should be no drainage.  Redness and swelling should be minimal.  Do not allow your pet to lick or chew at the incision.  If this occurs, an Elizabethan (cone) collar MUST be obtained from our clinic, your regular vet or a local pet supply store to prevent licking and chewing. If you are concerned about your pet's incision, if you see drainage, or abnormal swelling bring them to the clinic for a recheck between the hours of 19:00 AM and 4:00 PM Tuesday - Friday.  While there is no charge for the office visit, any antibiotics or other treatment required will have to be paid for at the time of your visit.

• Your pet received a green tattoo next to their incision.  This tattoo is a scoring process in the skin; IT IS NOT AN EXTRA INCISION.

• Give small amounts of your pet's normal food tonight.  NO TREATS as they could cause an upset stomach.  Appetite should return gradually within 24 hours of surgery.  Dogs may have a slight cough for a few days after surgery. Lethargy lasting for more than 24 hours post-op, diarrhea, or vomiting are not normal and your pet should be seen.  Any bills for follow up care done at your private veterinarian or the emergency clinic will not be covered by S.A.A.F. 


If there are any questions or concerns directly related to the surgery during the recovery period, please call this office at 417-831-7223. If there is an emergency after hours, call the emergency clinic in Springfield at 417-890-1600. 




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